Happy Birthday Ken Bannister, T.B.!

Ken Bannister from Apple Valley, California is the true Top Banana.
Big congratulations on your birthday my friend!

He founded The International Banana Club in 1972 and in 1976 he opened the Banana Museum in Altadena, CA.
The I.B.C has around 35,000 card carrying members in more than 27 countries.
And The Banana Club & Museum has been featured on over 105 TV shows, including the ”TONIGHT SHOW”!

Of course, the Swedish Banana Club is a member of the International Banana Club (I.B.C) and we have received the international and certified title T.B.S., Top Banana of Sweden.

In 1999 Ken got the Guinness world record with his huge collection of banana-related items, which then included about 17,000 objects.

Ken Bannister - banana collection
Ken Bannister (T.B.) with a part of his huge banana collection.

Unfortunately, most of the collection was sold to a man called Fred Garbutt and his mother in March/April 2010.

The reason for the decision to sell, which Ken regrets, was because of space. The owner of the property where the museum was located, suddenly wanted ”variation” on the exhibitions/collections after only 4 years, and Ken couldn’t find another location at reasonable price.


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